RF Events
2nd , 3rd , 4th December 2020 , Jumeirah Palace , Faisalabad

2nd , 3rd , 4th December 2020 , Jumeirah Palace , Faisalabad

Start date: December 2, 2020
End date: December 4, 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Jumeirah Palace , Faisalabad

FURNITURE AND LIVING EXPO UPCOMING EVENT FAISALABADFurniture and Living Expo upcoming event in Faislabad is the must-attend attend furniture event. We are organizing an event where potential buyers and best brand exhibitors come under one roof in the third most populated city of Pakistan, Faisalabad. Our event showcases the most creative and innovative furniture products and services by Molty Foam and Pakistan’s top 45 furniture brands. Furniture Expo is a great asset to attend and keep yourself up to date with upcoming trends. All types of furniture required for office and home decor will be available in one place. You will find the best brands with the best designs and quality exhibiting their furnishing products beautifully at a reasonable price. It is a must-attend event for all businesses and homeowners who are looking for refurbished or setting a new place. You will get inspiration from a variety of quality products from different brands of Pakistan.
Plenty of material is needed to design and decorate your home or business place. However, furnishing is an essential factor to give the right look to the right place. However, before buying furniture, consider some essential things. Most people without giving importance to which is right fit buy furniture. So, they get the wrong furniture. They may have fewer opportunities. For all these problems, Furniture and Living Expo brings all furnishing and decor pieces together under one roof so you may walk around and have a look to find the best fit. What are we bringing?
We are coming with
• Top Trending Designs and styles
• Creative Engagement
• Top Brands at one place
• 50% Discount Furniture is necessary
It dies matter how big your living home is, perfect furniture is always required to define space. Furniture has this much power that it gives a complete yet catching look to a small home or business place if choose wisely. Furniture defines the look of the place.
Furnishing is a power that helps you to give any look to your place. The selection of the right type of furniture in the right colour for the right place is a difficult decision. Furniture Expo gives you a chance to explore trendy styles and products in one place. An excellent opportunity to find the right furniture for your place. Standards are defined by furniture.
When someone enters your home, the first thing they notice is how you finish furnishing. What is the look and design of your home? Is it appealing and catching or not? It is not just about luxury furniture but quality furniture you own shows your personality and style.
No matter how many interior designers you consult. The final touch of furnishing always shows your style and unique sense. Furniture Expo Details
Pakistan’s best furniture brand, Molty foam, and other top brands will speak about and exhibit trendy useful, and modern designs and ideas. GREEN LAND MARQUEE Multan upcoming event is a convenient space for seeking the best suppliers and partners.
Top platforms
At Jumeirah Palace, Faisalabad, 45 top brands and Renowned Molty Foam exhibit their best and innovative design.
Exhibition Dates
2nd to 4th December 2020
Exhibition Timing
10 Am to 10 pm
Exhibition venue
Jumeirah Palace, Faisalabad
2nd , 3rd , 4th December 2020.
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