RF Events
27th , 28th , 29th November 2020 , At Majestic Banquets , 2-A club road , Islamabad

27th , 28th , 29th November 2020 , At Majestic Banquets , 2-A club road , Islamabad

Start date: November 27, 2020
End date: November 29, 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Majestic Banquets , 2-A club road , Islamabad

Events organized by Furniture and Living Expo links the best furniture production business owners and consumers. Visitors find a comprehensive range of variety in products and services from classic furniture style to modern. We work to bring new creative and innovative ideas under one roof. Furniture and Living Expo upcoming event in Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan, will be held on 27th to 29th November 2020 at Majestic Banquets.
No doubt, Furniture Expo, fairs and festivals have to gain popularity around the world. Established brands and new business launches their innovative design ideas for potential buyers during the exhibition. From 27 to 29th November 2020, Molty Foam with Top 45 other furniture brands of Pakistan will showcase their trending, latest, innovative services and products for home decor and furnishing. It will be the best opportunity for the potential buyers and ones who are interested in looking for new trends, designs and styles of products regarding furnishing to come and get inspired.
What are we bringing?
We are coming with
• Top Trending Designs and styles
• Creative Engagement
• Top Brands at one place
• 50% DiscountWhy is furnishing important in life?
From many of the reasons for visiting furniture Expo and buying the furniture but the most important is it shows the attainment and accomplishments to our lives. Furnishing needs also change time to time with changes, either big or small.Furniture is required for living comfortable lives, and it is used for storage, sitting on and comfortable sleep purpose. Besides of its need in life, it shows a sense of style we own. With changes to needs and circumstances of life, furniture also demands to change.Remodelling or changing a home
When you are about to remodel or change your apartment or home, old furniture may not be the right fit or looks great. In case you add a new room, additional furniture is required for furnishing based on space.When you get married or move in
Either getting married or moving in together, both means setting up a new place that you call home. New living conditions demand furnishings as per needs that old furniture may not fulfil. Kids room setting also requires to furnish accordingly kid.Personal comfort
Comfortable furniture is not only the need for older adults but everyone. If you have knee pain or issue a sofa that best fits your height and with shallow seat is best for your comfort. In the case of back pain, a well ergonomically designed furniture may help to reduce pain.For Work Environment
In case you work from home, you require a proper environment where you can work comfortably. For long term sitting, a comfortably designed chair and table where you can put your necessities are necessary.Furniture Expo Details
Pakistan best furniture brand, Molty foam and other top brands will speak about and exhibit trendy useful and modern designs and ideas. GREEN LAND MARQUEE Multan upcoming event is a convenient space for seeking the best suppliers and partners.
Top platforms
At Majestic Banquets, 2-A Club Road, Islamabad, 45 top brands and Renowned Molty Foam exhibit their best and innovative design.
Exhibition Dates
27th to 29th November 2020
Exhibition Timing
10 Am to 10 pm
Exhibition venue
Majestic Banquets, 2-A Club Road, Islamabad27th, 28th, 29th November 2020.
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