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    Who can participate

    • Workspace, Exterior, and Children’s Furniture Manufacturers.
    • Furniture Traders
    • Kitchen Designers
    • Interior Décor Manufacturers
    • Spatial Design Experts
    • Flooring and Marble Suppliers.
    • Textile and Floor Coverings Suppliers.
    • Bedroom and Bathroom Furnishings

    Benefits to Exhibitors

    Promotional Initiatives

    Experience a spectrum of promotional initiatives at the Furniture and Living Expo, where strategic marketing campaigns, targeted advertisements, and engaging activations combine to amplify exhibitor offerings, attract a wider audience, and maximize brand exposure, ensuring a remarkable and memorable event for all.

    Extensive Promotional Reach

    Harness the power of extensive promotional reach at the Furniture and Living Expo, where your brand will be showcased through multi-channel marketing campaigns, social media buzz, media partnerships, and targeted advertising, ensuring maximum exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


    A multitude of visitors, including design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and discerning homeowners, gather under one roof to explore the latest trends, discover innovative products, and immerse themselves in a world of captivating possibilities for creating stylish and inviting living spaces

    Walk-in orders

    Experience the Furniture and Living Expo like never before with our exclusive walk-in order service, allowing you to browse the stunning exhibits, select your favorite furniture pieces, and place orders seamlessly, all in one convenient visit.

    Client Interactions

    Unlock endless client interactions and forge meaningful connections at the Furniture and Living Expo, where exhibitors and attendees come together to engage, discuss, and explore the latest trends, creating invaluable opportunities for networking, collaborations, and long-lasting business relationships

    Brand Visibility

    Elevate your brand visibility to new heights at the Furniture and Living Expo, where industry professionals, design enthusiasts, and potential customers converge, providing an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand and captivate a wide audience


    Join a community of forward-thinking innovators, where groundbreaking ideas are nurtured, boundaries are pushed, and new possibilities come to life."

    Networking Opportunities

    These expos bring together professionals, experts, and stakeholders from the furniture and living industry. Exhibitors can engage in networking, forge new business relationships, and collaborate with other industry players.

    Sales and Business Growth

    Sales and Business Growth Furniture and Living Expos often attract motivated buyers who are ready to make purchasing decisions. Exhibitors have the opportunity to generate leads, secure sales, and drive revenue during the event. The expo can serve as a platform for launching new products, securing distribution agreements, and expanding market reach.